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A few of the bugs I encountered in the last 2 days


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When someone falls while on the extraction point, everyone has to leave and reenter the extraction zone or the mission cant be ended.

Synchronisation issues with other Players which results in the host not getting the movement data of the others so the mission has to be restarted.

The game crashing or going black for no reason after a Mission is done.

The about 2 years old Infinite loadingscreen bug.

Empty Foundry which is fixable by exiting and reopening it.

Kavats running on the spot in derelict missions.

Getting respawned outside of the map in Sharkwing on Uranus. (Resulting in etarnal respawn hell)

Still broken map markers. (Only rarely to be fair)

Limbos Katacalysm not being visible when energy color ist black.

Thin armed Warframes braking their arms while Holding the Arca Plasmor and other big weapons.

Broken Ragdolls when Moa's are killed. Also with Mutalyst Moa's (funky dancemoves)

Thats all that came to my mind for right now.

Im hoping that they one day will be fixed.


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