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Titania Idea.


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I love Titania and her concept. But We all know she's kinda weak on every stats. So here my idea. 

Before start i see many player write this concept that i have always loved. This concept is about more interaction about her Razorfly. I really think her Razorfly should be more present in her kit and not only on her ult.

On the last Dev Stream they said that hey will let lantern on stationary position and can be cast more than 1 time , so you can have more lanterns up at the same time, if i'm not wrong. What about put some interaction with Lantern and Razorfly? For example : When you cast Lantern , Razorfly will be periodically spawned around the nemies affected by the ability and then will start attack\search enemies around. Or For each Lantern cast you will spawn 2-3 razorfly.

I Understand that Razorfly are really strong drone that can aggro enemies with a massive threat power. In fact for balance this, The Razorwings drone will keep the threat power that have now, and the razorfly spawned by Lanter will have only a partial amount of that Threat level. In this chase you can combine the power (well some sorta of "power" there are better cc anyway, at least for now) of the Lantern CC + the threat level for the razorfly. This surely can increrase your Survivability thank the Razorfly threat level. 

This is not only an improvment of Titania , in my opinion, but this actually fit really really well with her concept. So 2 in one at the end of the story.

For the last part i want Speak about her stats. I can understand her low armor, shield and HP. After all when in razowing you have 50% evasion e 6 drones. But let's be honest. Now like never before, thanks arbiration, she is even less reilable. You ofc can't destroy drone with Exalted weapon and honestly i dont' like that a champ should be based only around one skill. She have 0 survivavility or almost 0 cc potential in normal form. This make me sad. 

Her energy pool is awfull. How a Warframe can have a such low energy poll, when that warframe is supposed to spam her ability and the Razowing is also a channeled ability. 425 with a maxed Primed flow. That's awful. 

I don't want speak about her Tribute (her 2 ability). I find it useless in any possible way. Your team don't give a quack quack about your buff. The Reflect buff is just useless in every single way. Companion buff is useless in every single way expecially because when you go in Razorwing you are not able to use your companion. I'm sorry but i want know who put this interaction. Dust is the only good one . But the time you need to stack that well... The slow Aura (Entagle) is quack quack.

Welp This is my idea of a Perfect Titania, not overpowerd not quack quack. What you think about this?

I hope there are not too many grammatical error. 



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