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[Warframe Concept] Àita - The devoted soul


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Àita the devoted, the dedicated



Some people are not simply devoted enough. Àita devotes soul and will, sacrificing for those in need.

Found in rubble of an abandoned settlement with imprints on the shell of the warframe of lives lived eons ago. Left behind when the village was deserted still devoted to people within the graves.


Suited with glimmering armor with drawings and imprints of past lives.

A helmet which closely resembling of a knights helmet without holes and an upside down crown shaped piece overlapping where the mouth opening would be.


When bleeding out he can still move at a slower pace with the inability to use any movement except walking. In solo mode has same effect when dies and has the same duration as bleed out.

First Ability - Resolution:

Àita will dash directly in front of him knocking out and damaging any enemies inbound and marking them on the mini map.

Second Ability - Life's Will:

The warframe will gain an impact like ability when jumping knocking down enemies and the number of entities (enemies, players, companions, etc) around Àita will increase the range.

Third Ability - Sloth Aura:

Enemies knocked down will take longer to recover and will have an aura causing surrounding enemies to slow down and drop health packs.

Forth Ability - Dedication:

Àita will summon spirit with melee specialization that will fight along side him . The more kills Àita and the spirits get the longer they will remain.


This would be a warframe I would have linked to the Solaris in the Fortuna Update. He would be a royal knight to the people of Venus before the corpus over ran.

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