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Suggestion for the Orokin Lab


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Orokin Lab is not as usefull as most of the other labs avialable in the dojo, with the dragon keys being the only thing.The rails and specters cant be used anymore and the option to open up the window to view the rail. So here are my suggestions for the lab if nothiing is being planned for it.

1. Repurpose the Specter Regiments to act like Extractors, to gather materials for the dojo. There rank would affect how much they can gather and how long you have to wait to be deployed again.

   Example: Vapor Regiment would get 50-100 common materals and 3-6 rare materials witth a 1hr wait time to redeploy. Cosmic Regiment gets 300-400 common and 10-20 rare materials with a 5 hour wait time

2. Use it for railjack ship updgrades. I know its way further down the line but its an idea to give purpose to the lab.

3. Open the window to view the void? I got nothing for this and the rails.

4. Move Primes that will never be vaulted as research. This includes Braton, Burston, Bronco/Akbronco, Lex, Fang, and Orthos prime. Its probably not the best idea as people sell them for plat.

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