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An oddity with missions


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I've been experiencing this weird bug randomly. What happens is, I'm joining a squad to do a mission (Can be any mission), and the doors won't open when I walk near them, all my abilities do nothing to the enemies (At least when I'm using Frost, Rhino or Excalibur frames, only own those so far), and all enemies also ignore me. The only way for me to take damage, are AOE abilities as all melee and range enemies simply ignore me for some reason. I also cannot pick up mission items, open lockers, use consoles, elevators, anything that requires me to press a key to use an item or object, simply doesn't happen.

However, I can do damage to enemies with my weapons, primary, secondary and melee weapons, all work and I can even break objects. And yes, I've checked the ping, it's never been +200 on these missions that have given me this bug.

The weird part is, my sentinel also doesn't react to anything or pick up loot (With the mod installed), BUT, I can walk over loot and eventually it shows I've picked it up. I'd like to also point out, I have the ammo convert mod on my sentinel, and it seems to be working as I'm picking up ammo to my weapons from all the possible ammo on the ground. Only the ones that doesn't require interaction from my part, so Ayatan stars stay on the ground, forever, same with syndicate marks etc. Also, if I somehow happen to get to mission extraction point, the game doesn't seem to recognize me being there and only shows 3/4 players ready when the whole squad is standing there.


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