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Chimera's AI update destroyed Djinn's survival


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I've been playing a lot of missions and I have noticed that ever since the AI improvements were implemented, every single enemy is 100% focused on killing Djinn and ignoring everything else.
And it's even without Fatal Attraction
They've become so concentrated on Djinn that it doesn't even last 1 second after loading into a mission in many cases and wastes all the Regens. Not only that put even when they are entranced by Fatal Attraction they continue to shoot when they are NOT supposed to which ends up instantly killing Djinn in the process.

I'm considering the AI's vendetta on Djinn a really bad bug, but I am also suggesting a buff to its survivability since it is not durable enough to take the punishment it draws because of its purpose.

I love Djinn, and I hate to see it be put to the ground to the point of being completely useless, only to regen and respawn just to be instantly shot down without being able to do its job.

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