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  1. I want Blast Procs to return to being able to knockdown enemies. It was the most enjoyable thing about the status. Blast is now just, nothing.
  2. You better have a plan on what can and should heal a Necramech because this is just completely anti-teamplay for a cooperative game.
  3. Can we please have an alternative that doesn't require us to redownload the whole game again? It's rather scummy especially for us that have to deal with horrendous rural internet providers (I only get 200 kb/s max and if the connection hiccups i have to restart the download all over again)
  4. Crouching is a lot better than just constantly re-summoning the thing. Re-summoning would require you to keep using transference over and over and over and over again with every door and that's just tedious (not to mention bug inducing for clients). Plus they can't fit through all doors even with dashing, PoE Grineer cave entrances kinda prove that.
  5. Neato Still waiting for that "Necramechs in normal missions" thing
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