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  1. Updating has become super volatile ever since The Great Ensmallening has started that I've now had to reinstall Warframe 3 times because an update refuses to even continue checking for content. I think something needs to be looked at
  2. An actual fix would be preferable. Not a workaround
  3. Conservation needs waaaaay more changes than that
  4. So the Heart of Deimos has revealed a lot of bad flow when it comes to the conservation and mining. (Conservation much much more so) Conservation's Issues Conservation's issues have been around since they were brought into the Plains of Eidolon. Since the Tranq Rifle (for some bizarre reason) uses the Codex/Synth Scanner logic of making a pinging noise whenever a animal is "nearby", and I put that in quotes because many times it is from animals that are in extreme distances away. While the range detection not an actual issue, the real issue is that in order to try to find the an
  5. Ok let's talk about this. Nearly every new resource Post-Railjack has been getting this popup and it's genuinely annoying and slow Can we please just have an option that will allow us to dictate what resources are important to us rather than it being a blindfold dart throw on what you guys think are "important" resources
  6. Ever since Steel Path had been added, anytime I would hop onto a K-Drive I will be phased under the map and unable to properly escape or fix it. All controls are made inert and even using /unstuck (which btw having a time limit on is bs) only teleports me back underneath the map to continue falling and not being able to do anything about it. This effects every free roam area and is extremely detrimental. FIX THIS
  7. Still stuck on the last 249.5 mb............
  8. Title says it all. We're no longer in the age of self damage but Kuva Ayanga has yet to get that memo.
  9. Been happening to me for a couple of years now ever since operators were added. Nothing has been done to fix it
  10. I would sacrifice 20+ Zephyrs if it meant I could get Tail Wind instead of Air Burst Or Soul Punch Or Charge Or Switch Teleport Or Fireball Or Landslide Or Toxic Lash Or Link Or Rip Line Or Freeze Or Renewal Or Devour Or Warding Halo Or Paralysis the list may go on but you get it I'll subsume dozens just to get 1 or more powers
  11. Got the missing Staff skin but the Necramech is still MIA. Hopefully this is an ongoing process
  12. Day 3 My Lemnas Staff Skin and Nercramech Decoration rewards still MIA
  13. Didn't get the Staff or Decoration despite being in the TennoLive Relay for the 5 hours
  14. Same issue here. I was in the stream relay throughout the whole TennoLive session, the relay said I got the staff and decoration drop but they're completely absent
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