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Unable to extract from Raptor mission after completion - (Namaah, Europa))


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The mission was working fine for most of the duration, with the first destroyed Raptor yielding an explosive that I dropped into the gravity conveyor nearest the entrance. However, after destroying the next Raptor and dropping the explosive in the next conveyor, another explosive remained after the conveyor was destroyed. Since another Raptor had not yet spawned, I picked up the explosive, and dropped it into the last conveyor, furthest from the entrance to the fight. Upon doing so, the audio and Lotus animation for a completed mission played, with said audio pointing the player towards extraction. However, the UI did not change to mirror this fact, still pointing towards the explosive, and displaying my objective as The Raptor.LpA2VJs.pngNUZhqka.png

Reaching the extraction point also did not help, as going into or around the usual trigger area did nothing.


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