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Blast themed Warframe concept


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After discussing it with a friend of mine and getting some actually positive feed back, I've decided i wanted to share this idea with others and not just my close circle of friend


So, here he is;

Tsar: The volatile Warhead

a creation of the Grineer


Health: 200 (600 At LvL 30
Shields: 50 (150 at LvL 30
Armor: 200
Energy100 (150 At LvL 30

Sprint Speed:    0.90


Tsar's ground slam attacks create an explosive burst knocking down enemies

The further he falls, the stronger the blast

Range: 10 M

Damage: 300 (Blast)
Damage Gain: +30 P/ 5 M (50 M Maximum

1 - Detonite Launchers:
Tsar launches a sphere of explosive gel that sticks to any surface before it detonates

Cost: 25

Projectile Speed: 25 M P/Second
Timer: 3 Seconds / 60 M
Blast Radius: 5 M
Damage: 125 / 150 / 200 / 250 (Blast)

Projectile Speed / Blast Radius - Effect by Ability Range
Damage - Effect by Ability Strength

2 - Blast Propulsion:
Tsar creates a small localized blast behind him, launching himself forward at a high speed

Enemies caught in his path are knock down, while any around him upon activation are damaged

Cost: 50

Dash Range: 10 M / 15 M / 20 M / 25 M /
Blast Radius: 5 M
Damage: 150 / 200 / 275 / 350 (Blast)

Dash Range - Effected by Ability Duration
Blast Radius - Effect by Ability Range
Damage - Effected by Ability Strength

3 - Light the fuse:

Tsar encases himself in Detonite set to detonate after a some time
Killing nearby hostiles increases the time remaining and the damage eventually dealt upon detonation

Cost: 75

Blast Radius: 20 M
Duration: 3 Seconds (+2 P/Enemy Killed
Damage: 25 / 100 / 200 / 325 (+15% P/Enemy Killed) (Blast) 

Blast Radius - Effected by Ability Range
Duration - Effected by Ability Duration
Damage - Effect by Ability Strength

4 - Zero-Time:

Tsar reroutes his shields and exposes his energy core, turning his entire body into a highly volatile explosive

Tsar negates all incoming damage while his Core Vent is open, converting a percentage of it into extra damage

Cost: 100

Blast Radius: 20 M
Duration: 3 Seconds
Damage: 150 / 300 / 450 / 700 (Blast)
Damage reroute: 10% / 20% / 30% / 40% Negated damage

Blast Radius - Effected by Ability Range
Duration - Effect by Ability Duration
Damage / Damage Reroute - Effected by Ability Strength




Somethings need to be added/changed but, this is the overall concept and idea

Edited by HankRHill
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