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Infinite Gear Wheel Tweaks Needed


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The New infinite gear wheel is a real treat from the DE Team, now i can have every consumable without worrying what i may or may not need, I can just have it all there ready if i need it.

I do how ever believe that it needs a tweak or two, Not everyone uses key-binds for the gear wheel, however i do (for the first 12 at least) I put my more commonly used things there like pads, scanners, fireworks, archwing and other frequent use things.

The issue i have is that if i run out of something that is in one of the first 12 slots it shuffles everything after it in the wheel up by one instead of just greying it out and then leaving the spot empty like the old wheel, thus completely changing my binds so i might go to use and energy pad but now its an ammo pad. and now i have to re order the entire wheel or the first 12 at least so that i don't have to re-remember the binds or accidentally use something I don't want to use.

My Tweak Suggestion(s)

  1. Allow us to drag gear around to reorder them or the ability to insert gear into the slot you want.
  2. Allow the ability to lock the gear wheel so that once gear is placed in their slot they stay there.


As someone who likes having things on a quick key so that i do not have to waste time looking for it and who likes and organised 'Inventory' this becomes quite annoying.

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