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Getting Physically Stuck on Hydron, Sedna


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I keep getting stuck on the "generator things" underneath the stairs on the defense mission on Hydron, Sedna. 

I'm using mk1-furax on Inaros with the Seismic Palm stance and when I preform a melee finisher on a target, hit by my 1 ability, near a generator, the screen goes to black like when you fall off the map. I also lose my scarab armor and get the health refunded just as if i had actually fallen down a hole or something. It's at this point I am stuck on the spot (not in the ground or wall). The only action I can preform is sprint and I don't go anywhere (like I'm running into a wall) and I can't change direction. I can't crouch, slide, jump, switch weapon, fire, melee or even tag enemies (or anything at all). I can't even bring up the tab menu. I can't still chat and see what is going on and I still take damage from enemy fire. The only way I can get out of the state is by dying and reviving. Only getting downed and helped back up does not help. typing /unstuck doesn't help either even though the chat lets me know I have been unstuck. 

Edit: It also happens without any stance mod on the weapon. 

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