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[Warframe Concept] Altio, The Arrogant and Greedy


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Warframe: Altia

The pretentious and greedy Warframe looking down upon those lower.


Lore: Altia was found in a gas mining facility surrounded with layers of gold and ancient Orokin texts and scriptures which maybe the cause of why the warfame's words choose to take those without a sturdy mind.


Passive: Finisher Damage forces enemies to drop health and energy.


First ability: Unavailing

 The player launches upward knocking down near by enemies making them acceptable to finisher damage.


Second ability: Take the Blame

Altia selects an enemy stunning it and using it as a shield causing enemies around to target the player and hitting the enemy selected for a certain amount of time.


Third Ability: Pathetic Minds

The player is surrounded with lies convincing enemies to slow down in their tracks until completely frozen for a short period of time. The enemy can then be controlled manually by Altia by using Take the Blame causing Altia to gain health from the enemy until the enemy either regains control or is killed.


Fourth Ability:Ego-Death

The Warframe selects any enemies within range knocking them over and surrounding them with words that will their levels down. For example if the enemy has a level of 38 Ego-Death can lower it to 37 and the longer the ability is on the lower it can get. Once the enemy reaches zero the next drainage of level will lead to their death.


Max Level Stats

Shield: 290

Health: 150

Energy: 200


Speed: 1.00

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