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Sanctuary Onslaught needs more spice


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Sanctuary Onslaught was fun at the beginning for a short while but now it's just plain boring. Probably because it's very static when it comes to your objective: kill stuff while the timer runs out and go to the next room. I think it needs more random fun in it. Such as modifiers that change from room to room. For example in the first room you can add a modifier that enemies are immune to x type of damage but take more for y type; or you have 15% less hp/shields but regen faster: or a silly one as enemies are half the size and twice as fast / corpus enemies have bigger hp and shields but have double the size of their heads. I mean, really just add some spice in the mixture to make things feel fresh. Not to mention the modes..ok start off first room just killing till the timer runs our, the next room you can be defending a generator, 3rd room you also have to watch for oxigen level with no oxigen refill station but you get drops from enemies; a room where you got to capture a point..you got Khora as a reward so maybe a random encounter with one of her khavats or with the warframe and you got to capture/kill ..like a mini boss. 

I mean..really..just add something to make it fun and worth doing..other than just a palce where you go to levelup your weapons with a Saryn or any dpsframe. 

Also the rewards need to be changed a bit or at least add some more. I never got why you can't get credits from this mode. Or ok you can make the argument that it's a simulation but in this case if we doing Cephalon Simaris a solid, we should get some rep for this. Or an alternative/way to farm some standing with the other factions.Or just take these three ideas and rotate them..

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