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Goopolla Size Bug


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I'm having a very strange issue. I noticed that after the chimera update, all the goopolla fish that I had in my aquarium were large. I didnt pay it any mind at first, but a few days passed and it was still like that. So, I decided to remove all 12 goopolla (notice that the aquariums should only store up to 2 large fish each) and sure enough, they were all actually large, not just a texture glitch. So, I went to the plains to get more. And to my surprise, every small goopolla that I caught was considered large by the game. Fish that were only 2.5kg or so were said to be large. I just want to be able to fill my aquariums again :,(. Anyone else having this issue?

Edit: I forgot to add that the goopollas are the only fish affected for me. Others like the mortus fish are working correctly.


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I noticed this today too when fishing. And here's some photographic evidence.

They show large in the inventory as well, but give resources and rep for their small size still and do not stack with actual Large Goopolla.

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