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'purchase Amount' In Gear?


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Okay, so I wasn't sure where to post this as it's a suggestion and I know it's very small but I feel it would make the game much more accessible as I didn't find anyone else suggesting this.


Basically, whenever I go to purchase Gear I tend to stock up on Team Heals to fill my gear seeing as health is usually my only concern in-game. Only the problem is every time I want to stock up I have to individually click Buy each time I want to buy a single item. What I am suggesting is that you could perhaps add a 'Purchase amount' interface that would let you type how many of the item you want before accepting charges.


I'm aware it's not a huge problem and of course the game is still in BETA regardless of it being Open, I understand that. It would just make the game that much more accessible to myself and the rest of the players who use the Gear slots a lot.


Thanks anyway! I tried to keep this short and sweet enough but if you support perhaps write it in the comments?

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While you're right, its not a huge problem, you also happen to be right about it being rather annoying to repeat that process....What i usually do is just spend about half an hour buying craptons of whatever i think ill need, so in the future i just have to equip it. Just giving us a way to purchase more at a time would help tremendously.

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I can't tell you how much I'd love this!

I buy so many ciphers and ammo packs that it would be preferable to buy a thousand of each ammo pack and four thousand ciphers.

I would take me a LONG time to buy these normally, which is more of a chore than what the end of it is worth.

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"The ability to buy something in a quantity bigger than one?


No way, your having a laugh. Why would you need that?

I want the devs to work on adding more content that costs me platinum!"


Jokes aside, iam sick to death of asking for this. Watch the livestream, you'll see for yourself why this is falling on deaf (useless) ears.

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