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My old thread was ignored and buried into the Jade light.

So I wanted to do it again and hope for DE to look at it.

Suggestions for Simulacrum 



- Ignore Player option -  So if you want to make a Corpus vs Grineer battle you won't have to spam Loki invis.

- Fly -  Just like a sky camera, where you can see the battle without having to constantly move and jump.

- Different Simulacrum arenas -  each one for different purposes, for example, the current one isn't any way great for NPC Battles.

- The missing bosses from the game -  I am pretty sure Bosses with simple AI like Vor,Alad V,Zanuka,Etc are goin to work with the Simulacrum.

- Adding each Warframe Specter -  They will use their abilities and behave like normal specters, the player must have the Warframe in order to use it. 

- Adding each Eidolon into the simulacrum - this will help Eidolon hunters and new players to test their Weapons and Warframes against them in order to see if they work properly against them.

- Infinite Energy - so we won't need to jump back to the spawn and return.


I hope this gets some attention,not like the last thread 😞


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