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Corpus Robotic Exosuit Gladiator Arena


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Hi everyone!

Disclaimer : This is not a serious game suggestion but rather just a fun theory crafting thread. Dont take this seriously and don’t start the typical PvP vs PvE arguments and what you think about either game mode and its value in Warframe. If the thought of PvP in Warframe triggers you STAY AWAY from this thread. Im not looking forward for your thoughts on it. Go ahead and make your own thread where you will be joined by others who want to talk about that subject in particular. This is not it. 

Ive got inspired from a post in a PvP discussion here on forums where someone mentioned a Corpus VS Grineer PvP mode (due to it being impossible to balance our Warframe abilities for PvP without ruining PvE). And I’ve came up with an idea of my own.

What if we had a Corpus Robotic Exosuit Gladiator Arena game mode. Where Corpus are hosting a sort of “Robot Gladiator Wars” kind of tournament (they already host Index). The Robotic Exosuits would be made of captured Warframe parts (like Zanuka). Perhaps the Exosuits would be powered by some very rare recource that dissipates when outside arena (similar to Argon Crystals outside void) which would explain why they cant use these Robotic Exosuits to fight against Tenno in the main game and function only within the place where the Arena is built. Maybe On Lua?

The fact that they are made out of multiple Warframe parts would mean that DE could mesh together different Warframe abilities into a single Robotic Exosuit. So potentially a single Exosuit could have 4 abilites from 4 different Warframes. Or 3 abilities from Warframes and 1 unique ability per Exosuit type.

Example : CC robot with Frosts Ice Wave, Excaliburs Blind, Mesas Shooting Gallery (without dmg buff) and a unique 4th ability.

So we could have four or more Robot Exosuits : CC, DPS, Tank, Support. Then maybe a couple more, like a Debuffer, CC/DPS mix, Tank/Support mix.

So im really curious what the community can come up with. What would be your versions of these 4 basic Robot Exosuit Gladiators?

1.       CC

2.       DPS

3.       Tank

4.       Support

What abilities do you think would be balanced AND fun to play around with?

Post your versions of these Robotic Exosuits and lets have some fun in theory crafting.

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