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Clipping issues in the Dojo


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While building up the dojo i have encountered some clipping issues with the new Inspiration Hall.

1st issue is when the Hall has adjacent Reactors to it, The reactors clip through the window panes as well as "erase" the skybox of the Inspirational Hall.

Considering that it makes sense to have reactors connected to the hall (amount of exits per hall allows using fewer rooms) it is a shame that this issue happens.

One of the ways to fix this issue could be to only render the upper part of the reactor when player directly looks at it from inside the reactor room since the upper half that is causing this clipping cannot be seen when looking through the doors.

Directly above the Inspirational Hall is the Great Clan hall so it has no rooms to the side of it, ruling out interference from an upper floor.


2nd bug is with adjacent Inspirational Halls themselves. If 2 halls are connected directly they will cause clipping in the corners of each other as seen on this video:

Thankfully this second issue is less visible since it only happens in the corners.


P.S. can we get a total room count tracker somewhere in the dojo UI, or a proper dojo management UI for that matter?


Edit: I did not highlight it in the video, but reactors connected to the T-connector also clip into the Hall, you can see the layout on the map.

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