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Mastery Rank 7 spawns bugged


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I've tried this twice now and both times not enough enemies spawned in the allotted time.  I've seen reports of this same bug dating back years but nothing recent.  I start the match and it's a good 10 seconds before the first enemy spawns.  Easy kill but the clock has already lost a lot of time.  Then the next enemy spawns.  They spawn one by one until about the 6th enemy.  By the time the 8th spawns the timer is out.  They also immediately hide behind he pillars making primary weapon useless as there is no line of site.  You have to chase each one down.  They don't try to attack.  I've watched the vids of this being done and in those the enemies spawn fast and attack.  Something is bugged with this. 


Edit:  I tried the practice mission and it works.  It spawns infested along with the others that come one at a time. The actual test never spawned infested. 

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