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Manduka sleeves miscolored (among other things)


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Not sure where to put this because the main complaint feels like a bug or at least an oversight, but the rest is feedback. Anyway, move it if you want.

The Manduka sleeves include fingerless gloves. Before the operator fashion revamp, the fingers were the color of your operator's skin, and the fingernails were barely colored, as is, you know, normal for humans. Now, the fingers are your primary suit color, and the fingernails are your secondary color. Thusly, my black operator has pale white fingers with green fingernails. I would not be opposed to colored fingernails in general, but since we can't color bits individually, I don't want to have to choose my secondary color based on what looks good on a fingernail, and I certainly don't want to have to choose a color purely because it puts my fingernails back to base. As for the skin part, there is no excuse. I don't have a screenshot of this to post just now but it's pretty easy to verify.

Also, in general the new operator cosmetic business is better than the last go as far as no giant horrible ugly neck bits being forced upon me, but there are still problems. The colors in particular. What colors get assigned to what bits has been changed on a number of piece for what seems to me like no reason. I'm probably stuck with my dumb plastic koppra pants based on this new system, but at least could we revisit what bits get primary and what bits get secondary and tertiary colors? Because so many pants right now take a secondary or tertiary color with the boots as the primary, or nothing at all as primary, which makes it real hard to make anything match up with your chest. And the Manduka leggings are just all one color, pants and boots alike, which is just atrocious. If your goal was to make it easier to mix and match, you need to actually try mixing and matching these things and see what works. I think you'll find that now that our pants don't automatically match our chestpiece, the way the colors are laid out makes it harder to work with in many cases, not easier.

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