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Capture Crates Octavia Bug


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During Fortuna's "Capture the Crates" bounty mission, it's possible to make the entire bounty incompleteable using Octavia's mallets. If you place one down too close to a crate, the crate will try and "siphon" capture percentage off of it, thinking the mallet's a player. Since the crate can only be captured by one player at a time, no other players can get the siphon to transfer to them by stepping close to it, and it'll still attempt to siphon capture percentage even after the mallet's been moved (in the video you can see the green electric link connecting to thin air where a mallet once was). 

If you end up bugging all 3 crates on the field like this, the mission can't be completed and you have to abort the mission.

Here's a video of the after effect of the bug



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