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Active Abilities For Weapons! Or Potential Mods!


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Hey guys, here's some ideas I've had for perhaps future concepts concerning abilities on weapons!


Now I haven't really gotten far in balancing and whatnot, but any feedback/thoughts(hopefully nice ones.) would be appreciated.



Cool down of 60 seconds on each weapon


Hek - Cannon Blast: Fires the entire clip for a bonus of 4x damage, but 4x slower reload speed.


Grakata - Throttle: Doubles clip size and increases fire rate by 25%. Cannot reload until the entire 2 clips are used. Afterwards there will be a 10 second cooldown where the gun cannot be used due to overheating.


Paris - Triple shot: Shoots 3 arrows at once in a vertical line.


Snipetron - Perfect aim: For the next 10 seconds, for every consecutive hit landed, bonus damage is dealt by 10% until ability ends. If any shot is missed, the bonus is reset until consecutive hits land again.


Boltor - Compressed Shots: Duration 5 seconds. Fire rate is decreased by 70%. Damage and stun increased by 70%.


Dual Zoren - Frenzy: Duration 5 seconds. Regular melee damage is boosted by 20%. When activated, the player may only use his dual zoren until the abiltiy ends.


Fragor - Overwhelm: Next slam down(jump,melee) has increased radius and 25% bonus damage. Has a long recovery time animation of 2-3 seconds.


Furax - Fighter's adrenaline: For the next 7 seconds, all incoming damage is reduced by 15% for every enemy killed with the furax.


Bo staff - Devastating Sweep: performs a low 360 spin that damages and knocks down all targets hit in the radius.


Dual heat swords - Fiery Cleave: The next charge attack has 25% increased range and all elemental effects are increased by 10%, but has 2 second longer backswing animation and 20% charged speed reduced.


Scindo - Maiming Charge: Next charge attack can be held down infinitely. Bonus damage is increased by 10% for every second the charge is held. While charging, the player's movement speed will slow by 5% per second. When released, the player does a full 360 spin. Anything hit will take damage according to how long the charge was held.



I know there's still A LOT of weapons missing, but that's where you guys come in! Any suggestions?


Maybe active abilities aren't your thing.

Perhaps these could potentially become mods instead for primaries, secondaries, and melee?


Please let me know what you think! (This is the first time I've suggested an idea. Be gentle.)


Thanks for reading!

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Hmmm nice idea, but sounds abit complicated, maybe theyle really be mods! Slam attack redius, more melee damage exist... Charge attack that knockes enemies (bo ability) etc, i would love to see those ideas ingame as mods!

Yeah I figured it would be a bit complicated xD


I like to overshot things than undershot them haha.


Thanks for your input

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Boltor - Compressed Shots: Duration 5 seconds. Fire rate is decreased by 70%. Damage and stun increased by 70%. chnage that stun :/

Bcuz mods jump into action too

I thought that since the rate of fire was so low that it wouldn't seem like a big deal to have a heavy stun. But I guess I could see how that would make mods rather obsolete. Thanks for your input.

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Imagine you start charging your Scindo at the start of the mission, your buds cover you, and you kill q boss in one swing...

Well you wouldn't be able to jump or sprint, and your movement speed decreases the longer it's held... so that would either be impossible or take forever xD


but perhaps charging up your scindo at the beginning of the fight with iron skin on as nova primes the boss, frost snow globes to slow him, loki switch teleports you into melee range once you're charged up. Now that sounds like a fun combo

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