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Fortuna mission Bug // DATAMASS DISSAPEAR \\


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On a Fortuna mission that you can start outside the Fortune, there is one quest were i need to get a Datamass and insert it to the "Machine"  

 But here's the problem,  The datamass is gone!!

I dont have any Quest's that lead me to one, There is no markers on the map showing anything, 

The datamass Is just gone


( I tried to copy a screenshot into this message but it would'nt let me )

// Regards  Douglas.H

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What I've found is that there are 3 main locations that have the machines: grow site, temple fabrication, and central maintenance. If you can't get the datamass at one location, just head to one of the others, kill a few enemies until one drops, and insert it into the machine there.

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Usually that "datamass quest" appears after you clear the 3-5 steps of a bounty, I wasn't able to get one so I just returned to Fortuna, you get the mission cleared and the rewards.

I don't know how to get the datamass, people say that killing enemies around those machines will eventually drop one, I kept fighting for around 10 minutes and it never dropped, so I just returned to Fortuna since all the bounty's steps were already complete (to check for completion talk to the guy that is next to the Fortuna entrance, if he lets you choose another bounty, then you have already completed the previous one).

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