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WOF: Wider, more menacing fire particle trail graphics for World on Fire, they seem a little thin, when the new effect was first added it was a welcome addition but now it seems a little weak, and a graphic improvement could also mean a more destructive effect... Kinda like combining the fullness of the Fire Blast effect with the World on Fire trails...Would give it a more OP feel which is needed


Fire Blast: If the fire was focuse primarily on their feet, as if they had been thrown gasoline and burnt, then the fire ring doesnt need to be so full, the effect of burning ground already exists as in the fire damage levels, so why not use that kind of thing for the Fire Blast effect, instead of blinding everyone.


Fire Ball: Obviously, faster anim, more area damage, I mean, after all it should be like instant napalm.


Overheat: I'd love to see the dry lava skin look more juicy, as if the lava is flowing and has this shiny look to it, like a thick looking animated texture. As far as the damage reduction nerf that is forseen at this point I wouldnt mind it too much because maaaaaaaybe she could be a little more vulnerable even with max focus on. who knows.

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