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Conservation animals not correct


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while following virmink tracks and getting to the point i use the echo and what replies back of a pobber instead. So i switch to a pobber echo and the business calls me a rookie for using the wrong bait. Even though the animal showing up isnt the correct one.

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the whole thing is pretty wonky, paw prints disappearing under the texture, animals appearing without getting the call then getting spooked and failing the capture, animals spawning behind under or by your side, animals spawning inside rocks so on and so forth...

oh and if you happen to touch a poo to start the chase while weilding your weapons the chase starts but paw prints don't appear even after you equip the tranq dart

long story short: it's broken in so many ways but tbh rest of the release is suprisingly smooth-ish

edit: almost forgot, if you are on the animals track and one of the bazillion corpus patrols or robo-facehuggers decide to attack you, there's a 50/50 chance you'll lose track or scare off the animals

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