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Dashing and automatic momentum


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Loving the K-Drive so far but the one thing about it that's really driving me bonkers is that I have to continue to hold forward in order to apply my boost.

Apart from being counterintuitive (since it's not how Archwings or Dargyns work, the only other vehicles that exist in Warframe, and it's also not how vehicles work generally in the real world), it really messes up trick flow because the way you determine what trick you are doing is directional inputs.

Pressing the sprint command in should just put the K-Drive into an automatic acceleration state forward, with camera facing determining the direction of "forward", and it should lock your movement inputs so that all they do is control what trick you are about to do. Failing that, this should at LEAST be an option. It's pretty frustrating, weirdly enough, the degree of control I have over a rocketing board that shoots me forward; I find it difficult to set up side-flips and stuff because I'm always either steering as I jump, or landing with no forward momentum (because I stopped holding forward as I did tricks in mid-air).

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