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  1. As one of the only people who was actually looking forward to this for the mechanical changes rather than dreading the nerfs, I have to ask: Has anyone managed to successfully trigger the Lifted status on an enemy and then done anything with it? I was dropping lvl 100 enemies in the simulacrum and stripping all of the DPS-boosting mods off my weapons and I still couldn't accomplish a simple juggle under any circumstances. I was actually looking forward to juggling in Warframe, I wanted to try to at least once knock an enemy into the air and then do the back+attack air combo on them. Assuming the status proc chance isn't just total garbage, the effect either needs to last longer or glue the enemy more firmly in place, because the closest I got to triggering it was what looked like a couple slow-motion ragdoll effects (and even then its hard to tell) that near-instantly drifted the enemy out of attack range.
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