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  1. Endgame is now not only fashionframe, but also making Combo MAD videos in the simulacrum.
  2. Good. There will finally be something mechanical in Warframe that relies on player skill (blocking in a timely fashion and keeping the reticle on the enemy) instead of just building for ez modo wins. Honestly, the dance between blocking an enemy's attacks and dropping your guard to lay down your own is such a fantastic idea on its own that I think it will fundamentally change the new player experience. There will stop being so many moments where your only hope of progressing past some obstacle is being carried or going back to grind for better stuff, and modding for survivability will become a crutch that you can use to assist you if you aren't good enough to stay alive on your own manual dexterity. In a perfect world, a perfectly performing Warframe player could survive any arbitrary length of time with nothing but unmodded gear. That's not the reality we live in, but it really should be. Level 1 Critical runs should be a thing in Warframe.
  3. But doesn't the new system completely eliminate the functionality of the combo counter EXCEPT as a thing to spend on heavy attacks? I thought I understood that the whole "combo counter increases your damage mult over time" was being removed, and now melee just does static damage and builds a number up whose only functionality is to be 'spent' in some heavy attack which it powers up. There's no longer a reason to "keep" your combo counter except to make your heavy attack hit harder and harder. EDIT: Cosign on the problem with "alt fire" on controller. Now that melee is going back to being an equippable system, why not let us use, say, the reload button for heavy attacks? That's a face-button by default that isn't getting any use if your melee weapon is out.
  4. I'm a little disappointed that the "bullet jump attack" they once announced was apparently removed, I had high hopes for it to be a lifting juggle-starter similar to the way Void Dash ragdolls, but I can still already start to imagine the combo possibilities. I have to say overall I'm extremely excited to see a lot of the stuff long-ago discussed for melee 3.0 is actually here (blocking to build counter with 100% DR, 'spending' combo counter on melee attacks), after 2.9's hyper-focus on streamlining and fluidity I didn't expect it. Truly a pleasant surprise. I do sort of wonder, whatever happened to "impact procs are going to juggle enemies"? It seems like some of the more integrated juggle mechanics that were planned have been folded into this one Lifted Status, and I'm worried that will be too limited in availability to really open it up.
  5. Please, please change this to block+melee while jumping or something else, or at least add that input as well. We've finally gotten away from back-presses in combos only for this to appear; this completely, totally and unequivocally breaks the melee system for players who use the option toggle to melee-in-movement-direction rather than to melee-in-camera-direction. It did so before in combos as well, and usually a player like me would just accept that that one attack was going to miss and let the "selected" combo string continue in the right direction afterwards, but if this backward-facing input is the only way to cancel slam attacks for air combos it's so much worse. Please, continue the logic of your ground combo work and make all movement inputs in the melee system direction-agnostic. This input schema is nonfunctional based on a toggle you've given players.
  6. I’ll chime in to agree with what’s been said before: resetting or nulling scores is fine, but issuing suspensions is ridiculous. For a player to jump out over a bottomless pit, target an enemy with Switch Teleport, hit it, and survive the fall while killing an enemy sounds to me like skillful use of a unique ability to overcome a challenging target. It doesn’t feel any different from, say, abusing the fact that slash procs ignore armor to kill heavily armor-scaled enemies in endgame conditions. The argument for suspension hinges entirely, ENTIRELY on the presupposition that a player doing this “should have known” that flinging an enemy into a bottomless pit was an unintended way of killing them (since the “exploit” relies on situations where teleport volumes didn’t work..?) So how, HOW precisely was a player to know this? It’s not like flinging an enemy off a cliff with switch teleport to kill it is something that doesn’t normally work. Switch teleporting to death works on most enemies. If it wasn’t intended to work on Demolysts, how was a player supposed to know that? It feels like DE blaming the player base for their own failure to catch a bug. Look, bugs happen, it’s an unfortunate reality, but if you want to blame a player for using “exploits” it should be painfully, PAINFULLY clear to any observer that they knew perfectly goddamn well that they were abusing behavior that was obviously, definitely, and unimpeachably NOT INTENDED, and I don’t see that at all here. This isn’t the Venari exploit, there’s (as far as I can see, I haven’t bothered with the operation at all as a solo player) no earthly reason a person should assume teleporting an enemy off a ledge to kill it is “unintended” in the context of Warframe. I challenge anyone here who is applauding these suspensions to explain to me how I would be expected to know intuitively that this was “wrong” behavior rather than just the sort of clever twisting of game mechanics that basically defines endgame Warframe as we know it.
  7. Any news about the next phase of the melee rework? Ever since instant switch dropped it’s been radio silence, and I’m worried that the bigger part of the stances, mods, and mechanics rework is just gonna get forgotten about as every plows ahead into all the new content.
  8. I know Ordis can skip it, I assume that will be fixed in future iterations (along with certain spawn-in problems). It’s also a little wonky because the map chain is inconsistent; sometimes it’s 10 rooms, sometimes it’s 2 rooms. Would be better to have a fixed number of these mandatory encounters per-mission (hard coded based on difficulty) and then have the locations be randomized along with the tileset. That way the pacing is more consistent. Demo it in Capture missions, as a way of making them worth literally anything. But it would also provide a nice augment to Rescue missions. And more generally it would be a nice thing to have in addition to / in lieu of “hack the console!” when alarms are triggered on optional stealth missions.
  9. It’s like one final miserable FOMO shot from the Wolf. What a perfect way to cap off the first Nightwave sequence experience; a 3-day only time-limited chance to grind an ultra-rare boss for ultra-rare drops before he becomes less common than Stalker. The upshot is, I actually like the new mission format of “kill all the enemies to advance”. This is the first time in a very long time that I haven’t just sped past every single enemy on the map on my way to the target. These sort of enemy-kill gates should be incorporated into more mission types. They’re more fun to run than friendship doors but provide a decent pooling-up effect that allows slower and newer players to catch up to a fast group.
  10. I have a better idea: give back the old quick-melee animations if you melee while SPRINTING. A lot of the complaints about melee stances since Chimera have been that the root motion changes cause you to lock-in-place; this is more palatable if you also give players a “quick cycling melee loop for a full-speed run” and frankly, the only people who are missing quick melee right now seem to be players who relied on these loops (polearm and nunchaku come to mind). Nobody seems to mind the loss of quick melee on bullet dance gunblades, for instance. So, if sprinting, you get the old full-speed run quick-melee, and if walking/standing, you get the existing stance combos. For weapons/stances where the quick melee is overridden by the main combo (e.g. Tempo Royale) have sprint-melee not do anything.
  11. Some notes, in no particular order: - Of all the new FX, the screenshake on hits is probably the most satisfying. I really enjoy it, it makes melee feel better in a game where hitstop can't be implemented because of netcode - I miss manually blocking. The advantage of being able to draw my gun from a melee stance without firing is minimal, and the few times I do want to do it, weapon-switch button still works. I feel like fun additions like parrying, blocking incrementing combo counter, etc., will have to die to make way for auto-blocking, and I don't like it - Aimed ground slams feel good, but they make exiting Archwing on the Plains/Fortuna feel clunky because you don't always keep that momentum. - When you're carrying something (datamass, therma can, whatever) with a melee weapon equipped, the game does NOT switch your "remembered" gun to your secondary. This caused a lot of irritation as I would pick up an excavator power cell, run to the excavator, trigger an aim-glide while moving there, and immediately drop the power cell. Again, this wouldn't happen if I could block-glide instead of only aim-glide, but if you're married to the death of blocking at least consider making my pistol "backup-equip" so when I use my gun from melee it doesn't drop things. Also, I've already discovered a couple of really interesting "broken" synergies that can happen as a result of instant-switch that I don't want to go into here (for fear of nerfs), but it brings me to a point I think bears making: -Do not be afraid of bugs and "exploits" Melee 3.0 is flirting with attempts at stylish action (DMC-inspired, blah blah blah). If it's executed well, it will get the attention of that crowd of players; I am one of them. And I can say one thing for sure: we like to figure out ways to break expected behavior when it comes to player actions in order to accomplish things. If you look at high-level gameplay of DMC, Bayonetta, etc., it's full of tricks that exploit quirks of frame timing and animation cancels to do things that the developers never intended. Figuring out how those things work and training your fingers to make them happen in a combat situation is part of the magic. I know DE likes to monitor the game for unintended behavior and patch it out; please don't. At least not yet. If players figure out a combination of actions that lets them do a thing you didn't intend, let it ride. I understand stuff like patching out the Venari exploit, where it was allowing players to "cheat"... I'm saying "if we see the birth of another Coptering, don't kill it". Let Warframe have some kind of skill ceiling, please.
  12. There is a solution, though it's not fun to implement it WILL make the game playable until DE fixes this. 1) in both your Melee and Game profile tabs, change the "aim" and "fire" commands from the in-game commands to standard controller or KB/M messages (LT/RT, LMB/RMB) using Start to access "Legacy Commands" 2) in your Game profile tab (meaning gun mode), for both the triggers, add an Activator with a "release press" for the same as above So, in Melee tab, Left Trigger should be bound to "LT", and in Game tab, Left Trigger should be bound with an activator to "LT - Regular Press" AND "LT - Release Press". What this will do is, when you press LT or RT, the game will switch modes, and then on release it will quick-tap either aim or fire; this happens so fast, the game doesn't recognize it as a unique command (so it won't zoom in and out quickly, or fire one extra bullet; I've tried this) but it will "unstick" the binding that was held down when the mode changed. 3) for both Game and Melee profile tabs, change the "quick melee" and "melee" commands to be the controller face button you've got bound to melee Note that you can still use the rebinder to control unique commands like Channeling or Alt Fire, you simply have to use "generic messages" for the 3 commands that are now "universal" to both modes and enable toggling. You'll also need to do the special stuff for "hold and release" commands like the triggers... weirdly enough for charging melee attacks it seems to work fine.
  13. With a controller, and using Steam, it's literally unplayable because of the way the "Melee Mode" configuration system exists. Half the commands just stop working. With enough messing around I was able to get it to a place where shooting and aiming worked while in melee mode, but because it changes "sets" it just leaves them pressed and it's like toggling on "fire" which I have to press again to stop.
  14. I don't engage in Riven Trading at all. That said, what is being offered here is simply information. Information on the most recent actual completed trades, which is backed by concrete data. Anyone who stands against the dissemination of accurate information is up to something, and should not be trusted.
  15. I’ll second this and add that the easiest, most natural approach is to give a lifting launch to the bullet jump. Void Dash already works in sort of this way, it just displaces enemies with physics while void dash doesn’t impart momentum by default. Bullet Jumps are already something we’re comfortable doing, they already have a ground hitbox (that isn’t all that useful), it’d be cool to have bullet jumping next to an enemy fling them into the air along with you, leaving them right next to you in air when you go to perform your air attacks.
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