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I may have broken a robofish


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I've been fishing for a bit in Orb Vallis, both at the lake and a pond, which went fine. Then I relocated to a river.

That Eye-Eye in the following picture has actually already been caught, but then somehow got stuck in place there:




Any further tries to catch it resulted in the "shock bar" appearing briefly and an animation as if the Warframe was the one being shocked instead. It's not the best picture, but I guess it was a bit like an Impact proc, hence my Warframe is barely in the camera's field of view:




Not entirely sure, but I think I had Smeeta's Critical Chance buff active at the time, maybe that's what caused it?

I did catch quite a few and this was the only one that didn't work, so it's not much of a problem. But anyway, I ended the game shortly after and saved the EE.log, in case that could be of any help here.

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