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Different Mission Bug


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Okay, so here's what happened:


I decided to unlock all my current locked missions in Eris.


I started on Histo and joined another Tenno. We proceeded to unlock Hymeno and Isos(where we were joined by two other Tennos).


Then comes the buggy part: Our next mission was Kala-azar. I looked at the description and it says it's a spy mission. Naeglar was currently locked. So all of us proceed to click Kala-azar.


When the mission starts it's an assassination mission for Phorid, the boss of Eris.


We successfully completed the mission and now Naeglar has complete status while Kala-Azar does not...




I'm not complaing though since i got a Nyx ********* :D 


But yeah, just thought I'd share this fortunate(?) circumstance

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