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Open World Squad Frustrations


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                Anyone know if DE has any plans to make it more painfully obvious than it already is that you can leave squad and then extract in open worlds without forcing the entire squad to stop what they're doing? The amount of plebs that still haven't caught onto this since the PoE release is staggering. Even when you inform them as politely and gracious as possible they'd rather bathe in their massive Whirlpool Jacuzzi of willful ignorance and misinformation. It's been over a year now and far too many players lack the intellectual curiosity to learn anything about the game outside of how to shoot and reload, therefore I'm calling on DE to make the obvious more obvious. It is beyond annoying extracting mid bounty because some little kid forgot to do their dishes and "dun wanna loze ma stuff". I'm begging you, please. PLEASEfrustration.jpg

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