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MR 26 test Capture points


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Hello, Great job with Fortuna. I was doing the MR 26 test in practice mode and passed it a few times. When I went to do the real test, I went as normal and started to capture the pods but they would turn green and still keep moving. I captured all of them but they did not count. I finished the mission with 1:45 left on the clock but the capture points were green but not letting me stop them. I would get in a green moving node and it read as 100%. There were no more yellow dots on the mini map to go after. I got them all! This does not happen in practice mode. Please help. I should be MR 26 now. I feel this was stripped from me and I am salty about having to wait 24 hours to try again. I spent 30 minutes practicing for this only to be screwed at the end. Please fix this bug and give me my rank. Thanks

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