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Full Throttle Roar, a augement.


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TL;DR Rhino super saiyan.

So I had a idea. I am a rhino main, I graze the plains of eidolon searching for food and I thought wow rhino is pretty bad. Rhino has no real specialization.

He's not really a proper tank anymore if anything the rework was more of a nerf than anything useful. He's not a good support because only one of his abilities helps other players. His individual abilities themselves are lackluster. Rhino charge doesn't do enough damage nor have enough range to CC, most only use it to power up iron skin. Iron skin itself is only good in tight quarters with high enemy density where it can be charged. Roar boosts attack strength but lasts such a short time that the small amount doesn't justify the energy cost compared to other powers even with the strongest of weapons. Rhino stomp is poor crowd control due enemies being unlocked by knockdowns, its limited range, and damage.

So I propose a change. Either adding a new augment or replacing piercing roar with one called Full Throttle Roar. The mod itself will have 3 levels and each level allows you to charge it more than the last. 

The charge system works as such. At level 1 Roar behaves normally but boosts ability strength instead of attack strength.

with a level 2 upgrade Roar now can charged a second time by holding down the power key until the rhino using it glows with the melee charge effect using twice the base energy cost of Roar. It boosts ability strength by 200%. And your any warframe affected by it will have the same visual effect as holding down the charge button in addition to the base Roar glow effect.

with level 3 Roar can now charge a third time represented by the rhino giving off the void sprite effect and sound used when VIPs are captured in capture missions. after reaching the second charge state. Activating it takes triple the base cost of Roar and increases ability  strength by 300%. Every warframe affected in addition to the normal Roar energy glow and the stage 2 effect of charged melee, will send out a energy wave like a ancient healer in the energy color of the rhino who cast it.



In summary this would give rhino players back the ability to play rhino in his two main roles either Tank frame or Support Frame. No longer will rhino be a weaker Excal or a worst valkyr or chroma. It effectively takes the same combo spam of charge and iron skin simple merges it into one button and card while also allowing you to be helpful to teammates and making rhino stand out as a sort of cleric role. It also gives rhino overall a all around buff and lends more of the savage beast feel back to him.

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