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Fortuna Bounties


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If you take extra bounties from that dude by the entrance the game saves some bounty mission progress; eg. Loot 1000 credits, or check these 4 corpses and then rescue these people


By this I mean if you already did that in a previous bounty you either don't have to do it again, in the case of the credits mission, or it saves the amount of time you have left in the case of the 4 corpse mission thing.  So if you failed to accomplish a goal in the alloted time you instantly fail it should it pop up in another bounty of if you try the same bounty again.

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Yes, I can confirm that this is a thing.  This bug also carries to if you fail to take over a base temporarily, you can forget taking over bases, as it still reads the previous failed attempt as a failure.

I was working on completing six bounties in one hour, and each successive run that included "Head for Solaris Camp" just utilized the initial 5-minute timer, and just kept subtracting time from that initial timer until it ran to zero.  By the sixth run, I had maybe 20 seconds to find the four dudes, then travel 250 meters to the gate and initiate the hack.

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