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Good, but underwhelming


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I am still formaing her, but I plan on puttingon natural talent to see if it helps her a bit. Currently i am running a build with primed vigor, steel fiber, intensify, Primed conty, hunter adrenaline, rage, steel charge. Her melee does no damage I have a full status CO build and it still doesnt do much damage.

tap 1 Does no damage, constantly jumping up into the air is annoying shield is nice, but it needs to maybe have one behind her to or something? I personally think its okay as is, but other want a bit more from it

hold 1 Underwhelming, Period. Damage doesnt build reliably.
2 I have no issues with this ability other than maybe utilizing it better for synergy purposes. Like put an aoe in it. I like the idea of having a couple of different types of movement in her kit. Maybe just add emphasis to this ability, extra damage something.
3 same as previous, mostly fine except it feel under utilized. Maybe again add some sort of aoe. When she spins maybe have her do a quick swipe around her too?
4 doesnt do much damage at all, bleed proc doesnt  really help anyone besides an equinox. it takes too long to charge. I like the idea of it better than what was on the dev stream, but it still feels underwhelming.

Overall I think there is a lot of potential. I see her easily becoming a frame where the 4 abilities all combo together physically (through leaping and slashing), but also through its buffs (slashing health, getting energy, sitting under a piked enemy to enable free energy generation. A frontal shield that absorbs all damage (maybe make this a full wall instead of a volt shield so that bombards and aoes dont seep through.) and a 4 that debuffs everything in a way that benefits the rest of her abilities and the team. Like armor/shield stripping or guaranteed crit/enhance of crit (so it assures you crit or if you are already critting you get enhanced [from yellow to orange for instance]). Also speed her animations up a bit.

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