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Visual bugs/annoyances


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Hey DE! Love fortuna so far. It's much more stable and bugfree than eidolon, so good work!

Anyways, here's some feedback!

  1. Since the Fortuna update my starmap is a lot brighter and looks overexposed. I tried all different settings, i can not change it.
  2. The "prefer overlay map" option could use destinction between open world maps and other maps. On normal maps i find it very useful and would like it on 100% of the time, on the plains and vallis, overlay map hides everything, so it's a 100% off, so no mater what i chose in the menu, there's always a type of map where i will switch it every single time.
  3. The overlay map for indoor parts of the open worlds shows the outsidestuff and in vallis' case, covers the whole screen with brown lines.
  4. There's the "everyone confirm to start the mission  [?][?][?][v]"-bar on the top left of the screen all the time when doing fortuna bounties. And it hides the top 25% of the map.
  5. Some of the vallis indoor maps are really hard to navigate. Because they are
    1. multilayered
    2. pitch black ( is this a visual bug for me or is this design? )
    3. the small map is hidden 25% by the confirm bar and the overlay map draws brown outdoor lines on the whole screen



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En 10/11/2018 a las 9:40, CortiWins dijo:

Well i have the following problem, when i go in to the vallis there are a few places on the map that it's really hard for me to play cause there are like black lines all across the screen, looks like some parts of the map are streching.


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