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Another Garuda Feedback thread


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First of all, the good:

- She looks ****** GREAT

- Very cool concept

Now the bad:

- Literally everything to do with gameplay. By that I don't mean everything needs to change, but that all the things that would be good, end up being bad because other things don't fit together with it.

She needs to lose health for her passive, and to get energy. But she has no reliable way to keep herself alive, this is my biggest problem with her.

Her only defense is the shield, but it's directional, so the only way to stay alive at high levels is to stay in a corner where your back and sides won't get shot. But to get the shield and her healing you need to get close to enemies, so you end up dying.

Also her 4 doesn't really "feel" useful, the extra slash procs debuff DOES help, enemies take tons of extra damage. I just don't think she needs a debuff ultimate, it should just deal damage by itself or be MUCH easier and quicker to apply. 


Give her some kind of damage mitigation (80/90%), probably on her 1 instead of the shield, or even on casting her 3.

OR give her a "overshield" like Rhino's, which she could regenerate by using her 1 and her 2.

Then probably make her 2's range something like 100m but remove the healing, it just regenerates her "overshield". That way she can just cast it and forget, she looks like a frame made to move around (her 1 and 2 literally throw yourself at the enemy), she can't be wasting time around healing fountain.

And maybe, just MAAAAAAYBE: Make her 4 scale with melee mods but remove/nerf the debuff it has. You could even have it just proc slash but then have her passive be Extra Damage on enemies bleeding, her 1 could even be given a guaranteed bleed proc if this was the case.

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