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Vauban Rework Idea


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There’s a ton of Vauban rework ideas out there, some suggesting for a full top down rework and some with minor tweaks here and there, such as removing charge time from Telsa and replacing bounce with something else like a turret or other utilities used by grineer/corpus or just a straight damage buff to his abilities. These minor tweaks are somewhat a consensus towards an actual rework, which I would agree is better than a full top down rework due to Vauban’s legacy/style. I will be putting my own two cents in this rework that just adds to his current abilities/the game so we'll be closer to getting  ourselves a sandwich. How about that?  


Vauban Rework Idea

Base stats at rank 30 changes:

Non Prime Armor : 100-150 Health: 375

Prime Armor: 150-200 Health: 450


Vortex: Creates an infinite amount of ammo and health orbs that have spawned from enemies killed within the duration of vortex. Meaning Vauban can replenish supplies/health by staying within the vortex as it’s still up (not that it will completely regenerate all health and ammo once touched), giving more survivability to him.

Duration or Strength (for more build diversity) affects the rate of health/ammo per sec, so for a faster/safer play go for high duration or good amount of strength and duration 

Augment: increases the drop of resources by 50-75%

Augment or Innate: Teammates can use vortex as well 


Minelayer: Remove bounce, add in a buff for Vauban in the form of grenade that expands in energy (animation similar to energy pads but larger range around Vauban or thrown location). Buffs by giving primary and secondary weapons more punch through, fire rate, reload speed and magazine capacity (to go well with vortex). This could allow for more builds on weapons especially those that need QoL changes (not to be misunderstand as a bandaid).

Magazine capacity increase- 150%

Punch through- 1.5m

Reload speed: 50%

Fire rate: 50%

Cannot be stacked, but the range of the energy animation will be able to buff teammates as well. Ever wanted to be buffed from the other side of the world? Mutalist quanta looking like a spicy meatball right now.

Augment or part of a Bastille augment when Vauban is within Bastille: Increases multi-shot of primaries and secondaries by 200%   


Bastille: Enemy cap increases with strength with a base of 15 enemies. Meaning negative strength will be 15 enemies only, while 130 strength will be like 20 enemies or something to that effect to give more reward to players that want more strength for vortex or for other uses like Telsa.

Inspiration: Bastille is a fortress, a fortress armed by one person? Nah this is armed by a whole army that is embodied by the one and only, Vauban. He is a master of self sustaining utility with damage buffs to add on top. In this way, he is a military engineer designed to reconfigure the battlefield along with his weapons which acts like an extension of a turret. Who needs a turret? When you got your million pellet twin rogga. Hmm that’s right.


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