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Alert status gets stuck at 0


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I'm not sure what triggers this issue, but i can reproduce it pretty much without fail. What i do is this:

- Use Octavia, mission mode: Solo
- Go to Temple of Profit/Enrichment lab/Space Port or any other place
- Work up the alert status by not killing humanoids (at least not all of them). I do this primarily with melee
- At some point when the heat goes up around alert 3 or 4, i start using mallet and/or invisibility from metronome
- If i kill too much, over time the alert poles disappear. Eventually there will be noone left
- Humanoids will no longer put down alert poles, even moving to other locations. The only way to get alert status to rise again is to extract and start again.

As i wrote i am not sure what actually triggers this, as this does not seem to be a problem in group missions. It is possible that using invisibility (nocturne) is the trigger, as the humanoids do not seem to put down new alert poles while seeing and damaging the mallet/resonator, while they will do so when they can see octavia.

Nocturne possibly being the trigger seems to be partly backed up by odd mob behavior after this issue occurs, as mobs at this point will not always directly attack octavia unless i go straight in front of them. However, even if they are actively provoked but not killed it is impossible to raise the alert status at this point, as mobs will just not put down those alert poles anymore.

I tried a bit with a few other frames (also solo mission), but could not reproduce the issue. However, i tested far too little with other frames for it to be conclusive.

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I should probably add why i feel the above is a problem:

I love grouping, but sometimes i just want to play at my completely own pace. Team work is key in proper group play, so if i suddenly decide to go afk for 5 minutes to look something up, grab some food or i dont know, enter orbit around the moon (...), then group play is perhaps not the best option.

Which brings me to toroid farming in orb vallis. I love a good endurance mission which fits very well with farming these items. However, if the alert status suddenly drops and is unable to be built up again, then the mission is basically over.

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For the sake of testing, i just tried group mode, but without taking a bounty and without having assembled a squad beforehand. The squad quickly become full, and a bounty vote was initiated once i entered orb vallis. I voted no to the mission, and a host migration followed shortly after where i was left with 1 other person. However, the person and i were left with said bounty as the objective.

Again, for the sake of testing i went to Temple of Profit to test alert levels again while the other member went to do the bounty. He kept dying and asked for help. I politely told him that i did not sign up for bounties and voted no to the mission. He continued a bit with the bounty and i continued testing at temple of profit.

What i noticed was that alert levels did not seem to go up although he was fighting mobs at the bounty (the capture the caches variant), and i was having trouble raising alert level at temple of profit. I also noticed a glaring bug, where the crewmen would destroy they own alert poles looking directly at my mallet, placing the alert pole and then instantly shoot it down.

The bounty hunting did not go well for him, so he went to extraction, which in turn ofcourse started the extract timer pulling me to the fortuna elevator.

So there are several problems here:

- mission voting does not work properly
- host migration according to mission votes does not work properly
- crewmen (and possibly other mobs?) can shoot their own alert poles
- "free roam" mode assumes that any picked up mission is done by all players present in the squad rather than the players is the area

The last part i kinda assumed would work like that, but since it is a new update i wanted to test if you had made any changes to this given the much larger (and awesomely made) map. I was hoping people were able to extract individually as the community has been asking for a long time in endurance missions of various kinds, as well as base environment status on players in an area rather than players in the squad to take full advantage of doing different activities in a squad at the same time.

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