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Much Ado About Armor


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Armor is a stat that I feel is heavily under-appreciated and grossly under-powered. We need to have armor do more for us than it currently does(which from my observation, isn't very much).


Mods like Sure Footed, Heavy Impact, Handspring, and Acrobat are the ones that I'm putting on the chopping block.

They all do things that should be handled already by your frame's armor rating. Things like knockdown resistance, knockdown recovery, agility(dodge/rolling), and stamina cost should all be passive stats on all frames and be related to the frame's armor count.


For instance, a Rhino with 150 armor should have his "heavy impact" stat be higher than a Vauban with only 40 armor. Going back the other way, Vauban would have his knockdown recovery stat be much better and his knockdown resistance be much worse, if not nullified; whereas Rhino would be much slower in getting up, but due to his heavy armor, much harder to knock down in the first place.


The are plenty of other examples I could go through but I think you get the point, make it be logical: Heavy armor means heavy frame, heavy frame means greater inertia. Light armor means light frame, light frame means lower inertia.

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