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A Handful Of Cave Fishing Bugs


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While fishing in Orb Vallis i have noticed a few bug that interfere with cave fishing quite a bit. First, some of the cave fishing spots seem to have water outside of their actual playable area causing fish spawns outside of where you can actually catch them (used the Lumios dye to find them) and have actually watched a few phase through walls, never to be seen again. r4LVE0u.jpgSecond, another thing i noticed is that probably 80%+ of the time the Lumios dye does not work on cave fish, the only times that it did actually work to light them up were for the few that were out of the map (which is odd). dafNWLR.jpgThird, Quite a few of the hitboxes of some of the cave decorations (especially orokin ones) seem to be off quite a bit, you can clearly see a fish and it looks like it is a clear shot but the spear just bounces off like you're hitting terrain and along with that the fish also seem to have a hard time navigating around/ spawning inside said terrain.
Just a few things that i have noticed, really enjoying the new additions and am loving the update!

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