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Thoughts on K-Drive from a SSX fan


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I'm enjoying K-Drive but I miss a couple of things from SSX:

1. Repeated tricks during the same combo are worth less value. More varied tricks means a better combo score. Current farming exploits the ability to repeat the same trick over and over.

2. To offset the above, being able to chain trick combos in SSX (through nose/tail press while moving) means you're not just trying to trick off a single rail. You do a big rail trick, you do press nose/tail until the next trick can be done and you keep that combo counter going, no limit (the 3k limit would have to go away, obviously). To get an idea what this looks like, see this video:

In my opinion, the SSX series has by far the most fun boarding trick system, and I'd love to see K-Drive take on some of this to reduce the .... Pearl Grind boredom.

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