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Alternative to Bounties


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So I would like to make fortuna and in general open world experience better.

First of all, The main core of these maps are Bounties and In my point of view Bounties are quite repetitive.

So i would like to introduce a new system. I took inspiration from GtaV Heist system. You have a Heist (the final mission). For every Heist you must complete several setups and for one setup you need some special equipment.

For example there would be a time limited event let's say a corpus convoy is transporting a certain equipment or a spaceship with certain cargo will be landing at certain location and so on. The setup would be a mission with certain goals e.g. you need to rescue a hacker or you need to destroy a hangar full of elite units (a really painfull units) etc.

So lets say we have a set of tools for a hacker rescue. We need to infiltrate a building with a prison. There we can do it stealthy without any alarm and make it clean or mess it up. If we sound the alarm the hacker will have a time until he dies. Another thing which would be important for these setups is cooperation e.g. two mates are securing area and other two are drilling through a door to the prison ( or other minigame which isn't hacking, we need a new minigames).

Now we could fail the setup. We cant do it again, unless we have another set of same tools. Failing the setup will have a consequences in the final mission e.g. without our hacker the final mission will have a time limit. Next thing, which I would like to add, is some final mission will require some setups from fortuna and some from PoE and with every new planet there would be more final missions like this.

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