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Consecutive Runs of Bounties Doesn't Reset Certain Things in Vallis


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So, I was having a really hard time getting debt-bonds from bounties and I kept repeating them and I started to notice some odd things.


First, on the bounty where you have to collect credits to draw out the target, I only had to collect credits the first time I ran the bounty as long as I stayed outside.  When I picked up bounties again it didn't reset the counter and the target spawned automatically whenever I got to that stage.


Second, on the bounty where you have to find the corpses and then go and free the prisoners, I failed to find the corpses once and then my progress was blocked because when I picked up that bounty again that stage automatically failed every time.


And lastly, most of the rewards I got when completing the bounties the first time I ran it got repeated every other time I ran it.  I was trying to get debt-bonds but came back with mostly endo because that's mostly what I got the first time I ran the bounty during a session.  Then, after going back to Fortuna several times, I finally went outside and got the debt-bonds reward and got them every time I completed the bounty chain so I came back with 10 of them at the end.


I'm pretty sure parts of the bounties aren't getting reset when you repeat the same ones without returning to Fortuna.

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