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  1. Honestly if they just reverted her nerfs, nerfed nullifiers/arbitration drones and calmed down with the one shots she would be godly. Seriously.
  2. aand you just doomed the entire thread
  3. They should've nerfed both damage and armor. One shots aren't fun.
  4. Oi Josuke, i used Za Hando to delete some lines of code from a videogame and now some Jojo fans are on the forums starting a riot over memes, ain't that wacky? Y-you can fix it, right?
  5. Oh god imagine implementing NEO RELICS as a reward for endgame AHAHAHAH i can't dude what the hell is DE smoking
  6. Hell no. This is a horde based shooter, there are literally infinite amounts of enemies and only 4 players max. One shotting is not a big deal at all, in fact we need that to be able to survive.
  7. I didn't, had my friend do it for me cause it was #*!%ing annoying and he enjoys stealth related stuff Where's your god?
  8. Who said that "the way the game is meant to be played" is to constantly kill enemies? You? I don't see that written anywhere. If i want to leave enemies alive and chaos them to watch them kill each other i will and you can't do anything about that. Not everyone enjoys pressing a button so some stupid numbers can show up in an attempt to entertain them. Grow up.
  9. when are you guys going to understand DE has 0 idea of how to balance this game lol
  10. Literally lost a Req I relic some minutes ago when the host decided to leave in the reward screen with 5 seconds left, host migration didn't finish in time so no one in the squad got anything and simply lost the relics. That's what i get for coming back to this ridiculous game thinking an update would do any good. Nah, it's still the most broken game i've ever played.
  11. Lmao LifeOfRio gonna close his account after this
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