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  1. How did you sell all your weapons?? The game doesn't let you sell the last equipped weapon... Does that Zanuka capture also take the weapons the warframe was using?
  2. Arbitrations are just terrible lol why are you people still playing them? I refuse until they work a bit more on it
  3. The thing is they're not even doing this for the sake of monetization like the build timers, they don't get anything from doing this, it's absolutely pointless and gives a portion of the playerbase a terrible experience. I can't imagine what it's like for the casual people, people with disabilities, older people who are losing their reflexes, people that are new to videogames, or people with bad setups to fail these and feel absolutely worthless while unable to do anything about it because they can't even retry it a bunch to remember themselves that they're determined, specially when this is a fairly casual PVE game that i imagine many people are gonna come to when they fail to do good in most PVP/more hardcore PVE games.
  4. Tbh mastery tests are boring and uncreative as hell and i can see where you're coming from. Imo the least they should do is remove the 24h cooldown since there's literally no reason for it other than frustrate the players who fail. People in these forums are toxic whiteknights who will defend the game and all its features at any cost so don't worry about the mocking/disrespectful responses that you get, i agree with you and i'm pretty sure many other players do too.
  5. Not just host migrations, the ping is really bad too lol. Im always playing at at least 200+ ms
  6. I stopped doing mr tests because of that, at MR 24 i pretty much have all i need so there's no need to keep doing them. Each one of them was a stressful nightmare for me, i even had to ask my friend to do one of them for me because i couldn't handle the pressure (i think MR 19?). They really should remove the limit of one test per day, makes it incredibly tense, hard and frustrating to do, and it's a completely unecessary limitation that not only feels HORRIBLE, it also kills the pacing so you might not even get better from try to try. Until then i won't be doing any more of these
  7. Are you sure these weren't just overshields you lost?
  8. This should be mandatory considering that in this game if you look at an enemy wrong it gets stuck in the wall/ceiling where you cant kill it (it can still shoot you tho cus screw the player right)
  9. People in a game's forums are stupid and always exaggerate things so they shouldn't be taken seriously!??! Oh wow who would've thought!
  10. Mind control damage buff is working fine to me, not sure what y'all are talking about I like the rework i just don't like the sounds, they're too loud and get annoying real quick since i use them many times in a mission
  11. Her passive was always like that, they were gonna change it for an accuracy debuff on enemies but for some reason didn't...
  12. Thank you for not changing my queen ❤️ She's gonna be better but not entirely different which is amazing, i was legit terrified that u guys would ruin the character to make her more meta but you didnt. She's perfect the way she is now, haters gonna hate, fun is subjective, i love Nyx! Btw can you bring back her ability to dance with Assimilate target idk why u guys removed it in the first place tbh
  13. My "find bodies" stage keeps failing automatically as well, the thing is im constantly going in and out of the orb vallis and i havent failed that stage ever yet it keeps happening
  14. These ideas sound brilliant but i think DE doesn't want to tweak the AI in this game because if how costly it is compared to how much it does for the game. Still, i think it would give the game a whole new life if they did rework the AI like this. Btw you should post this on feedback instead of general discussion, they don't pay attention to the posts here
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