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  1. Tbh it's not worth buying anywhere, the price is indeed absurd lol
  2. If you don't wanna play the mission over and over then just don't do that? No one is forcing you to farm forma I used to just get around 10 then stop playing the event, that's still far more gameplay than just a half assed shop
  3. There is though? Just click metamorphosis when Equinox is selected If you want Equinox to start on a certain form in missions, i'm pretty sure emissive energy color does that (cold colors = night; warm colors = day)
  4. only problem i have with nullifiers is their bubbles going through walls, that's kinda bs ngl
  5. Nah i want people to know im carrying the crap out of them in public spy sorties lmao
  6. Ehh tbh i don't mind using underpowered weapons, it adds to the challenge I just want my babies to be the best they can be ❤️
  7. Yeah?? Isn't that the goal?? Ever heard of collectionism? I want all my warframes and weapons to be viable and i kinda need forma for that The fact that you're acting as if that's asking too much says a lot about this playerbase tbh And it's not like this event existing inhibits people from making a forma everyday so i'm not sure what your point is. Stop playing devil's advocate pleaseeeee
  8. May i have the source to where this was mentioned?
  9. My thread is in there so anyone who disagrees with this is automatically wrong dont @ me
  10. Implying they only ignore one person. They go on streaks, ruining everyone's day and do not give a damn about it
  11. I'm literally a schizoid and even I feel bad about just ignoring others and moving on like they were nothing... Nah, these guys are just genuinely bad people who don't belong in society
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