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  1. Im not really qualified to state this since i got lucky and got Khora pretty easily but from what i've heard the grind for her is much worse
  2. AI is way funnier than the boring ass playerbase this game has Also yeah you can't find anyone in public matchmaking for railjack missions lmao dead game
  3. That's the evilest thing i've ever heard please for the sake of sanity never become a game dev
  4. Effects intensity affects fishing hotspots too for whatever reason... DE really isn't the brightest lmao
  5. Jesus Christ dude when this episode came out i literally finished it in 5 minutes, use your brain for the love of God i beg you PLEASE
  6. I don't think anyone can blame a Tenno for not saving a captive if... They physically cannot do it at that point in time. We already do much more than anyone could ever expect us to considering a war scenario. If you don't believe me, an example is when Allan Turing and his crew had to let thousands of soldiers in WW2 die in multiple battles across years for the sake not raising suspicion and letting his machine remaining undiscovered, despite how easily they could've turned these situations with what they knew.
  7. You say that as if it's a bad thing but most people love the Exploiter Orb fight lol
  8. They did ruin its reload tho that's a fact
  9. How dare a frame have a single situation in the entire game where he's viable, NERF
  10. Did they change the puzzle and put a 40 seconds timer for each question? Cause when i did it it was 60 seconds for all of them. Ridiculous, i know. I had to literally skip all the dialogue to do it in time.
  11. Why the hell is a railjack named ass a problem? Good lord y'all need to grow up and let people have fun for once, seriously
  12. Honestly about no one being interested is absolutely true. Out of all Railjack missions i played with the public matchmaker only 2 had people on my crew, all the other times i had to solo because no one is playing this mode lol
  13. Reading this thread while listening to Heathens made me feel like the world was literally ending damn. I wasn't really paying much attention at first because i never thought maiming strike/blood rush builds were that strong (i used other builds and they actually worked better/did more damage) but then you got to the Kuva Nukor and i just collapsed... remembering how it was melting level 600 enemies in a survival with e a s e This is actually.... really sad what the hell. I don't think people even begin to understand how insane this weapon is compared to every other in the game. It is truly, no hyperbole, a world ending atomic machine. Not even the Bramma can compare imo.
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