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  1. At least Zephyr can use her 3 and survive Ember is absolutely completely hopeless
  2. No please i don't wanna get randomly one shotted even more Btw some of these would be physically impossible due to enemy anatomy (grineer specially)
  3. I got all these "rare" drops pretty fast and never even paid attention to them but the one thing i want which is Scimitar Engines won't freaking drop for the life of me
  4. Yeah and to me that's another reason to finish the game as fast as i can xd
  5. Just grinding another massive game, Ark Survival Evolved, because this surely isn't gonna ruin my sanity, right? H a h a
  6. Rahetalius It kinda feels like all Warframe youtubers are either cringy boomers or cocky A******s though (looking at you, Shy)
  7. What exactly is flanking probability in this context?
  8. take a picture with your phone and post it on imgur lol
  9. warframe.market might be what you're looking for That website is 10x better than trading chat
  10. Wait what happened with Doom eternal? I thought the game was good i wanted to buy it
  11. Did they really do that? Jesus christ this was so easy to fix they literally just had to put a kill threshold that everyone could work towards to end the mission earlier I legitimately don't - and i cannot stress this enough - understand what is going on inside DE's heads. And what i can't understand pisses me off.
  12. You sir have balls of steel And to the people saying DE can't add hard content into the game because people complain it's too hard: That's not true. The real problem is that DE's definition of difficulty is completely out of touch with how the game is played. To them hard content is simply giving enemies a ton of CC, removing effectiveness from abilities and players' resources and straight up deleting certain warframes/strategies from the supposed "endgame", which always culminates in a cheesy, unfun meta that is incredibly frustrating for players who would like to play something else. Personally, the beginning of fixing endgame in my opinion should be removing every cc immunity so that i can actually play Nyx without relying on my teammates to kill them or abusing Assimilate to avoid getting one shot. Just make enemies have diminishing returns, ya know, like it always was until they decided to change their formula for no reason. The corpus also need various adjustments/bug fixes one of them being the ridiculous vertical range of sappings, being impossible to see on the bottom of a downwards slope but still damaging you as you jump from the top of the slope. This is one person's opinion, i'm pretty sure people all around this game have similar complaints on their own preferred playstyle. Inb4 pro squad telling me you can play anything with any frame and that they reached 17238126378 hours in survival with an unmodded Mag TL;DR this all basically boils down to: DE's concept of difficulty is unfun, frustrating and often uncounterable unless you follow the meta, which is not what players want so of course they will complain.
  13. If people didn't care about the game and weren't passionate about it they wouldn't be complaining to make it better in the first place
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