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9.8 Some Bugs That I Noticed.


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After a mission, all the frames that had mods installed after the update, get their mods unequipped. Same is with weapons too.


Elemental mods equipped to melee after the update makes the elemental effect invisible on the weapon. ( I hope this bug would stay ) 


Unequipping elemental mods from a weapon which was modded before the update has the visual effects stay on them. 


A little older bug is that the menus react to mouse location even though I have another menu on top of it.


 Also some claimable or in progress items in the foundry might've disappeared after the update.


Oh and not sure if this a bug, but if I look at for example pistol mods and show equipped tab, it shows equipped as in everything, warframe mods, primary and melee. Like it would with the overall arsenal screen. 


Feel free to confirm these or add anything that I missed and has not been posted already.


I'm suspecting they will have to rollback.


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I was reviewing my FBook latest news and saw the Warframe post:

"We are expecting login issues to lessen but we still are experiencing some slowness, let us know if you are still affected!"

...just after the U9.8 - Just tried log-on (PST Zone USA) apparently working, got in but not tried playing level yet. Of note I don't seem to have any background audio theme music on pages. Lacking the audio i thought not to try to engage a Mission just yet.

Also defo have LOST (5) items now in my Gear Slots out of the 8. Should I start a Support Ticket on these errors? Dunno if others experiancing the above or other issues atm. Tnx all ;)

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Update: Also defo have LOST (5) items now in my Gear Slots out of the 8. - My bad and error apparently I missed the Forums post here:

https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F102882-last-chance-gear-faq%2F - "last Chance" Gear Faq.


 "We are eying the Foundry as the method of acquiring Gear." ...hopefully soon to be implemented with detailed info fm the DEV's Team...so we can all get back to our own gaming w/o much fuss (respect). Dunno Credits seems a proper way previously...indeed acrued credits it would seem should be more useful and for many more things. just me thought.
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