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Constant Crashing/freezing


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As of U9.8, the game has been freezing a whole lot. It has never happened, after any update, and it eventually leads to crashing.



The first time it crashed, I was on my way to Sargas, I stopped to wait for my teammates and decided to Alt+Tab to replay my music - the game immediately crashed, as I tried to get back in. (Never happened, as well.)


The second time it crashed, I was again on my way to Sargas and had finally be able to beat him, after crashing and freezing and amongst other issues, that were holding me back. Problem is, my game had small freezes - Mainly when I reached Sargas spawn area. These freezes took about 2 seconds each and in spaces of small periods, until I beat Sargas. Afterwards, the game ran completely fine but started freezing once again, nearing the exit, and it eventually lead to no response from the game - Memory use was also pretty low.

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