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Omg This Game Could Be So Much More! (No Flame)


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Not flaming, I totally into the game, the universe the whole stuff is almost like star wars meets aliens meets batman meets matrix for me. The game is really really awesome...


But too much bugs...

Too simplistic modification ideas (both on mods and warframes)

Yeah I know I know some people can't handle a game being too complex, but there are a tons of really simple elements could be added to the game that would totally give us more diversity in both setting up our warframe/powers and both in-game.


Like... Why not build ships to travel between the universe (global unlocking areas for players, more use of materials (a little material sink for you devs :P)?

More complex warframe modifications (instead of taking away the mod from helms, how about even giving extra builind parts that would modify ability stats like reflex, strenght, speed, etc. Kind of like a mod outside of the mods and adding basic attributes to the warframes, that would feel real-like (unlike the mod cards, which I dig, but an additional tiny rpg element and you hook even more rp players, not just fps players).

The weapons, well not really ... good to say the least. (sorry :D). Some diversity here and there but really missing the kick &#! killer fan weapons (ninja with a grappling hook-like secondary), some more complex weapon use... why no grenades and utils? I mean in the future I would definitely use a smoke grenade or some flashbang and stuff. Simple and effective weapon.

The UI... is really the worse part of the game to be honest. Chat system is really creating an issue for us. We can't really type at all many times... speed toggle is on and you can't enter nothing to chat, when you die you can't type, we got really clumsy chat system to see clan speek during game, whispering is really hard, etc, etc. Not to mention the non-intuitive and mostly uninformative UI during gameplay. (I'm planning to draw some scetches too for people to see how I would imagine and love to play the game later on)


Anyways, love the game but still need a lot of work and I really hope that the devs not sticking to the more warframe and more weapon upgrade kind of game, like most of the games out there nowadays, be it as mmo, or fps, or rpg games...


A big fan here, waiting for the future of the game excitedly.


P.S.: Watched the last livestream and immediately thought "boy would be soooo fun to work with you guys on this game!". You're so lucky to work on such a game I envy you devs! X.X

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I agree with your general idea, but disagree on some specifics.  One of the things I somewhat dislike about the game is the reliance on farming (although the levels are varied enough to make it fine).  Two things that I think would make it amazing and unique (moreso than it already is), are having levels with mulitple ways to solve them, and some kind of tactical equipment slot.  By tactical slot, I mean things like remote detonators which you can get more ammo for by using an explosive barrel (Same way you would use a storage container), and takes some small amount of energy to detonate (Like 5/10 energy).  Or maybe costumes for various races, which would make enemies of that race not notice you unless you shot one of them.  Levels with multiple possible ways to beat them could be a choice between different objectives to get different types of rewards (Like credits for making a capture, or resources for raiding an enemy storage cache), or a level where if you get seen your objective changes (Like if you were supposed to deliver a datamass, but if you get seen you will also have to kill everyone).  Just various things to make the game more tactical.

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