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  1. Ok so I was seeing Excalibur umbra and Valkry's weapon straight away in arsenal so I was able to modify the weapons. What is the reason Mesa's exalted weapons not showing straight away in arsenal?
  2. I didn't touch Mesa up until now, when I got the prime frame, and I'm shocked... Based on the new system I strongly expected that she would have the peacekeeper available as exalted weapons, but its missing?!! I mean WOW how the hell...?!!! This needs to be fixed. Exalted Peaceekeprs should be there, and I should be able to mod them according, why am I not seeing it, when I see them on mission summary leveling up?!! This is really nonsense IMHO.
  3. Back in the day -3-4 years ago maybe?- When melee rework started, during that time you started an UI rework. The menus and market and a few stuff like mods got a facelift. What about the actually gameplay HUD rework? Gameplay HUD needs a lot of work now, after this many years of absence -of finishing the UI rework-. Its like you stopped half way in the process. Barely anything that I can customize on my Gameplay HUD (take away ability dots, resize and some changes to the style of the minimap and sure I can remove the party frame but who would do that :)). I would love to get my own customized UI. Add remove parts, highlight, move parts to completely different locations, etc.
  4. I was looking around on numerous Steamer channels didn't see any popups with the rewards. Watched some guys for quiet a while, at evening at home checked my inbox nothing. I assume I should watch Prime time to get the reward right? However that's very late for me during the weekdays, 1 AM GMT if I recall correctly? So when and what channel should I watch, I prefer during day time EU Zone, GMT.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Now I also have one additional mod in the set, that is working, the Strain Fever, that is working and I can see the Helminth Charger Growing and releasing the maggots. Altough I don't see the buff icon on my UI as this guy does so I assume this is bugged (On my Nekro, with Despoil, Shield of Shadows and Adaptation are equipped that might affect the mod):
  6. Hi, I really don't understand this set at all. AFAIK, all set mods should work alone, individually, even the secondary stat too right? Sure it would give me the minimal amount of the set bonus. However Strain Consume doesn't work at all, alone. Should it work at all alone guys or am I missing something? That is the minimum for a set mod(s) to work? I've tried to use the Helminth Charger as a pet in simulacrum, still didn't do a thing.
  7. Hi, I don't see this option under my account.
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