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Cave Fishing Troubles


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Hello, While fishing in the cave west of the Ustara crater I noticed a few problems. https://dirtdrgn.imgur.com/all (images)

  1. The luminous dye consumable rarely worked, it often sat above the water. Though there where some cases where it would disappear all together. 
  2. The Servofish are able to move through the walls, swimming underneath the ground and in one instance through the air. I only noticed this because the luminous dye that sat above the water seemed to work on the fish that were clipping through the wall and outside of the map
  3. there was also the problem of the fish not having a hit box, as I tried to catch a few fish they seemed to completely ignore the EMP spear, most of the time if I threw it at them the hit box would seem to activate after one or two attempts, others would swim around unaffected till the model despawned   
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