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ok after the new update, I have noticed a few good things, like now we add 1 mod to multiple things like my splitchamber to my dethcubes rifle and my....rifle. but I have noticed some bad stuff to like whenever I click on a planet I usually get a message like this, game session no longer exists....or something like that, and i'm unable to back out of the planet so I have to close the game then reopen it and hope this doesn't happen again.....which it usually does. whenever I am chatting with other players and I click the button "Y", my contacts box shows up, its not a major problem to me, but its kinda annoying to have to press ESC then continue typing whatever I was typing, and in some missions like assassination mission on phobos, when I reach the boss room, my entire screen freezes and I have to restart my computer. I never had to do this b4 the update. so is there going to be a hotfix soon? cus im pretty sure a lot of other players r experiencing this and getting upset.

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